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The Quality Inspection Equipment is an Equipment to Improve Profitability"
"When considering the facilities of the inspection equipment that conducts quality inspections, we believe that customers will first introduce the equipment to ensure the quality of their customers.
This is of course important from the standpoint of "quality," which is the most important aspect of manufacturing companies, but this has led to a decline in the utilization rate, including the non-defective product rate, in many cases.
"We believe that quality inspection equipment should be a device that improves the profitability of printing companies, not to mention quality assurance for customers who have introduced it. To ensure this, we believe that it must be designed according to the content of work.
This is because, even if the printing industry is the same, whether it is publication printing, commercial printing, or many leaflets, many catalogs, and whether it is package printing, food packages, pharmaceuticals, electrical products, or cosmetics differ in quality requirements, defective contents, materials used, unit equivalents of products, etc., as if they were producing different industrial products.
"In this context, we can see that it is very impractical to think of whether a uniformly made inspection device of the same specification will produce truly useful results in the various printing industries in which it is used.
For this reason, we are developing products that are customized for the quality inspection system, which is a "profit improvement system.
From this perspective, our development concept is to pursue benefits for our customers without compromising the three principles of function, quality, and design.
"We will support customers from the stage when they are considering the quality inspection equipment to the stage when they propose specifications that suit their printing products, objectives, and equipment, and after the introduction, they can perform useful operations.
We believe that the importance of our printing company's existence is to be able to achieve further competitiveness and development through our inspection technology without compromising the pursuit of high quality achieved through the accumulation of long-standing efforts.
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