GICS Corporation

GICS Corporation

Development, design, manufacture and sale of printing-related inspection systems using image processing technology


Offset print quality inspection apparatus
Profitable single-wafer in-line quality inspection system
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In-line Paper Rejector

Patented material

Sheet-fed in-line automatic sheet discharge apparatus for automatically discharging defective sheets in conjunction with in-line inspection apparatus
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Micro-vision of printing and sampling inspecting equipment Micro-vision
Further quality and revenue improvement with signals not known to in-line quality inspection equipment
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Metal-vision of in-line and off-line quality-testing equipment for metallic printers
Illumination device tailored for metal printing, inspection algorithm (program) control system
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Super-vision of machine for collating machine, folding machine, cover feeder
Anti-contamination inspection system that monitors printed products for shipment in the correct combination
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Ultimate seat stabilizer smart air guide
Ultimate sheet stabilizer that overcomes all of the shortcomings of paper hold-down devices on the market
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Continue to be a profitable and sustainable company by providing products and services of truly beneficial quality to all of our users.
イメージWe believe that in order for our products to be really useful, we must learn and keep track of what are really needed, knowing and learning about the market in which they are used.
Our product development has always returned to that point of view, and we have been making efforts with the top priority of repeating development and improvement.Japan's manufacturing industry has long been regarded as the world's best in quality control. However, as it competes with foreign products, which are competitive in terms of labor costs, its quality control has even become regarded as excessive quality.
However, it is wonderful to be able to provide excellent quality and unparalleled products, and I believe that if the quality of products made using the same materials is excellent, it is the technological capabilities that should be commended.
Such excellent technology is said to be "excessive" because it involves a great deal of labor and loss in the process of maintaining its quality.
We are developing products in which manufacturers with such excellent quality control technologies wish to generate profits by providing customers with inspection technologies that reduce the large amount of labor and loss incurred in quality assurance.
We believe that it is important for manufacturers to be able to further compete and develop through our inspection technologies without compromising the pursuit of high quality achieved through the accumulation of long-standing efforts. To >>> full text
GICS  Development Concept: Quality Inspection Equipment is "Equipment to Improve Profitability."
When considering the facilities of the inspection equipment that conducts quality inspections, we believe that customers will first of all introduce the equipment to ensure the quality of their customers.
This is of course important from the standpoint of "quality," which is the most important aspect of manufacturing companies, but this has led to a decline in the utilization rate, including the non-defective product rate, in many cases.
We believe that quality inspection equipment should be a device for customers who have introduced it to improve the profits of printing companies, not to mention quality assurance for customers. To ensure this, we believe that it must be designed according to the content of their work.To >>> full text
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