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In-line Paper Rejector LESA®102Patented material

LESA for automatically discharging defective sheets in conjunction with an in-line inspecting device

An in-line automatic paper rejector that is UV/oily and performs from thin paper to thick paper in a single unit
It is important to install an in-line quality inspection system to ensure that any defects that cannot be shipped to the customer are removed.
However, even if a defect is found in-line, the effect is halved if it is handled by a manual visual sampling process for sampling.
In response to these problems, LESA is a device that immediately discharges defective paper discovered by the in-line quality-checking device to the outside of the delivery system.
Since all the printed sheets loaded on the delivery pallet can be shipped as a regular sheet or sent to the post-process, manual removal error, forgetting to remove, or oil-based printing saves the time that the ink cannot be removed until it dries.
Not only as a defective device but also as an automatic sampling device for each specified number of sheets
The LESA not only ejects sheets in conjunction with the testing device, but also ejects sheets automatically at regular intervals or ejects any specified number of sheets.
With this function, you can automatically pick out every 500 to 1000 sheets of printed paper for inspection, or eject 20 to 30 sheets of color-adjusting paper when printing out, and only the original paper is loaded on the delivery palette.
In-line Paper Rejector LESA®102
  • LESA®102 Basic specifications
  • Corresponding press speed
  • Up to 12,000 sheets/hour
  • Paper that can be ejected
  • 60g/㎡~400g/㎡
  • Paper size
  • 360mm×510mm~720mm×1020mm
  • Outer dimension
  • Width 1200 mm × height 1400 mm × depth 800 mm (maximum) Power supply capacity
  • Power capacity
  • Three-phase 200 V 7. 5KVA
  • Control panel
  • Width 500 mm × height 1000 mm × depth 350 mm
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