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Micro-vision of printing and sampling inspecting equipment

Further quality and revenue improvement with signals not known to in-line quality inspection equipment

Background of Micro-vision Developments
Based on our development concept, "Quality inspection equipment is an equipment that improves profitability," various signals during printing from the in-line quality inspection equipment are classified into problems such as ink, paper and dampening water (material problems), work method problems, machine problems, and human problems such as work errors, and are important data for analyzing and dealing with the causes of these problems.
The use of inspection equipment signals is much faster than doing these without the introduction of a inspection equipment, but it has been found that it can improve a wide range of applications as well.
This means that if you know that a problem is occurring, you can deal with it, but if you know it, you can't deal with it....
Micro-vision's experiences suggest that the in-line quality-checking equipment would not know the signal = the problems of dust and sticks on blankets and plates since the time of printing.This is a tool for further improvement of quality and profitability by obtaining small letters and the like.
Of course, it can also be used as a quality assurance for printing machines that do not have an in-line quality inspection device, but it is still most effective to use it in combination with an in-line quality inspection device.
Based on this idea, Micro-vision is able to detect characters that are much finer than in-line inspectors, as can be seen from their names.
Instead of an in-line quality inspection system, we have also developed a low-cost version and Micro-vision2 for sampling and inspection. Therefore, we can choose them according to the objectives of the printer.
Micro-vision of printing and sampling inspecting equipment
  • Micro-vision 105 Basic Specifications
  • Inspection time
  • Up to 22 seconds per sheet (including scan time)
  • Resolution
  • 400 dpi (minimum defect size 0.06 mm)
  • Scannable paper
  • 60g/㎡~400g/㎡
  • Paper size
  • ~750mm×1050mm
  • Outer dimension
  • Width 1600 mm × height 1000 mm × depth 1000 mm (without protrusions)
  • Power capacity
  • Three-phase 200 V 2. 2KVA
  • Control panel
  • Built in the main unit
  • Operations panel
  • Built in the main unit (touch screen operation)
  • Weight
  • 380kg
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